The Edit with Amanda Rushforth

Discover a curated edit from Environmental Advocate, TEDxAlquoz speaker and Board Director of Azraq.

Born in the UK, she moved to Jeddah with her family early on and was raised there until she moved back to England for boarding school, ultimately moving back to the Middle East in 2006 and relocated to Dubai. In 2012, she received a BA Hons in Fashion Promotion, Fashion and Textile Design from Southampton University, England. 


Growing up by the Red Sea in Jeddah, she developed a deep passion for the ocean, specifically watersports and marine life. Having seen first-hand the deterioration of the shorelines due to plastic pollution, she has become an advocate for plastic-free oceans, wardrobes and food chains.

She has worked alongside Natalie Banks, a fellow ocean warrior and the founder of Azraq, a volunteer-run not-for-profit entity in the UAE, for years in an unofficial capacity, before joining the organization as a member of the Board of Directors in January 2020. “I wanted to be part of an organisation with credible commitments that bring about real change,” says Amanda.

Amanda wearing 100% Hemp Set
Amanda wearing 100% Hemp Set

In October 2021 she spoke at the U.A.E.’s very first TEDxAlquoz, a globally-minded local community of passionate individuals interested in sharing their perspectives about a variety of topics able to change our world and personal views: ‘Fast-fashion is set to produce 25% of total CO2 emissions by 2050… but here’s what you can do about it’.

“Most of us actually wear ‘plastic clothes’ on a regular basis! In fact, approximately 60% of all materials used by the fashion industry are made from plastic. As a material, it is strong, resilient and durable and these are great factors when designing clothing like swimwear and sportswear. However, plastic as a material can take anywhere from 20-400 years to biodegrade naturally. I choose brands who aim to help affect change and Ido Movement uses materials that are either recycled or sustainably sourced with an eye for multi-functionality too. The better the design and manufacturing, the longer your pieces will last in your wardrobe!”

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