As a key pillar of the brand, The Idō Movement strives to use its power to bring positive, measurable change to the communities within which we operate and those of our suppliers and partners.

Azraq Certification of Sustainable Brand

Marine Rehabilitation with Azraq

A percentage of sales of each pants made from recycled plastics are donated to Azraq, a UAE based organisation focussed on protecting and conserving marine life. As an accredited agency by the United National Environment Assembly of the United Nations Environment Program, Azraq seeks to educate, motivate and activate the community to make a difference.


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Supporting Art Education

Dance and art play an integral in developing the mind and body.  As a brand personified by movement, we believe in supporting the community in nurturing talent in the arts.  As part of this initiative, we have supported kids ballet classes as well as continuted to the Hiba Art project, a not-for-profit organisation aimed at fostering talent in the local landscape.

Supporting dancer schools