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Frequently Asked Questions


1.   Do you have a physical store?

We do not have a physical store at present.   From time to time, we run pop-up markets at various locations and also stock our products with partner retail stores.  Please follow us on Instagram (@theidomovement) to be notified of the latest retail locations.

2.    Do you partner with resellers?

We are open to working with partners. Please contact us at

3.   Who is each product named after?

Every product carries the name of an inspirational dancer/athlete based in the Middle East.  They have been the inspiration for the design and the final product is a tribute to their artform and their achievements. 



1.   How do I return my order?

If there is a problem with the item, or it is not fitting well, please contact us at and let us know.  We will be more than happy to assist you with the return or exchange.   Please take note of returns policy as it relates to hygiene items​

2.   Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled for free before they are shipped..   Once goods have been shipped, the delivery fees and standard returns policy apply. We will send you an email confirmation when goods have been shipped​​​

3.  How will my funds be returned?

All refunds are processed against the original payment method.  Card refunds are typically processed by the corresponding banks within 5-10  business days.

4.  If products are sold out, will you restock?

We produce limited quantities of each range and from time to time, products or specific sizes may be out of stock.   You can register your interest to be notified if the product is back in stock. If there is sufficient demand, we will produce another run.

5.  Where are goods shipped from?

All goods are shipped from Dubai, UAE.​



1.  What makes your products sustainable?
The foundation for our clothing is built on a minimalist design technique that entails:

  • Optimised pattern cuts that flow naturally with the body but also reduce fabric wastage. 

  • Monotone/Natural colours – minimizing on dyes used

  • Fit-for-purpose fabrics -  We make use of organic and regenerated fabrics depending on the target product.   We aim to minimise multi-modal fabrics

    • Organic fabrics are based on using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified fabrics

    • For our leotard and activewear, which require higher tensile strength and elasticity for muscle control, moisture-wicking, we make use of regenerated and recycled fabrics that are made from waste as opposed to virgin nylon

  • Quality and longevity of the product is also key to ensure that it need not have to be washed as often and when it is washed, It does not age or lose its structure.   

  • Designed to be multipurpose -  We believe less is more and once should not be investing in clothes for each activity (especially when you look at athletic and leisurewear.  The clothing we produce allows you to perform yoga/gym or dance class, wear the same piece to jump into the pool or even use it for casual or evening wear

  • We produce limited quantities and ranges, creating timeless designs which are not specific to a specific fashion trend.   

2.  Where do you manufacture your clothes?

We aim to produce our products close to the textile or fibre source and from certified factories that ensure fair wages and working conditions. Based on the criteria, we have select products coming from Indonesia, China and Mongolia at this point.  We continuously review our supply chain to optimise 

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