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Just Follow the Music

“I don’t know a life without dance,” is the best way that Yarisha Singh can describe her relationship with an art form that has taken her across the seven seas and introduced her to the realm of possibilities that lie within the world of movement.

A story from south of the equator

Yarisha was born in the bustling metropolis of Johannesburg in South Africa, where she established a career in performance, choreography and teaching. Having started ballet classes at a very young age, she went on to complete a BA degree in Dance from the University of Cape Town, with Honours in Choreography.

Following her graduation, Yarisha hit the ground running (or rather, dancing) and quickly made her mark as one of the country’s most talented choreographers. She is trained in the Cecchetti method of ballet – a form known for its fast footwork, clean lines and clear-cut technique.

A classical foundation

Anyone who’s studied under the Cecchetti school of dance will be able to attest that the form requires nothing less than absolute dedication and discipline – there are certainly no half measures here.

The Cecchetti method is renowned the world over for being a style of ballet that considers the parts of the body as a unified whole, taking into account how each appendage contributes to the aesthetic of each movement. Legs, arms, body, head, all these parts come together in creating elongated lines, sharp contours and precise movements that require an immense amount of physical and mental stamina. With this method as her foundation, Yarisha set out to lead several projects as a lead dancer, a teacher and a choreographer.

During these formative years, she was commissioned by industry-leading institution, the Cape Town City Ballet, to choreograph and direct a performance entitled, Serendipity. Yarisha thought of the piece as the “highlight of her choreographic career.” But, as fate would have it, these were only the beginnings of a thriving career; not only in dance but in movement as a whole.

Movement as therapy

Over the course of her career, Yarisha also taught yoga, specialising in private sessions as well as group classes that would help aspiring yogis to rediscover their sense of balance. She was interviewed and featured by several of South Africa’s leading lifestyle shows and took classes across the country as a visiting practitioner. As a yogi, she drew on her experience with a wide variety of yoga styles which she gained throughout her travels across the world.

Touchdown in Dubai

Somewhere amidst these wonderful adventures, she joined a lifestyle and wellness company called StudioRepublik in Dubai – a community of fitness, arts and wellness experts offering a broad spectrum of classes from martial arts and drama, to group exercise and aerial performance. She has since had the opportunity of managing and growing StudioRepublik’s dance faculty from scratch. Today, she teaches, choreographs and offers guidance for dancers at varying stages of their creative journeys.

Yarisha also has extensive experience with the flamenco dance style and if she had to choose the style that resonates with her most, it would be contemporary and lyrical jazz. So while her heart will always find its home in everything classical, her body follows the cadences and rhythms of music, guided by her innate desire to explore and experiment.

Because music is really where home is for Yarisha. When she choreographs, she relies on music to take her on an emotive journey where she can play with spontaneous reactions to the beat and melody. As a choreographer, finding the right balance between concept and movement can be tricky, but music always reveals the path – her journey is simply to follow.

In her dance gear, Yarisha looks for comfort, durability, breathability and a unique sense of style. Put all these things together and you get the Yarisha Leotard – a piece inspired by her remarkable talent and fascinating journey.

Own a piece of the magic

The design follows the classic leotard silhouette and adds a contemporary touch with its off-the-shoulder fit and double-layered design. With added padding for comfort, you can wear the Yarisha Leotard in the dance studio, at the gym or in the pool. Premium Italian fabric gives you the best of both worlds – unmatched quality and elegant design. It’s a piece that speaks to Yarisha Singh’s greatest asset – her versatility.

She is a dancer, but she is also so much more. We think of her as a “mover,” with a gift that moved us to create something bespoke and ready to take on life’s centrestage.

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