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Reducing Microfibres - A Guide on Microwaste Filters

What are Microfibers?

Every time you do the laundry, your clothes release hundreds of small synthetic fibers called microfibers. These microfibers are small enough to pass through water treatment plants and end up directly in the waterways leading to our oceans.

These microfibers can be toxic to aquatic wildlife as well as the overall environment. These toxins just keep going up the food chain until we eventually consume them.


Close-up of fabric microfibres
Fabric Microfibres

Methods to reduce Microfibers entering our marine ecosystem

One way to tackle this problem is to start buying from sustainable clothing brands that use natural fibers which are biodegradable. Secondly, using microfiber filters that can effectively help to trap the microfibers when washing clothes made from synthetic fibers.

Two popular options are the Microwaste washing bag and the Cora Ball.

Microwaste Washing Bag

Basically, you place your clothes made from synthetic fibers in the washing bag and then toss the bag into the washing machine. The engineered bag will catch the microfibers and prevent them from going down the drain. Once enough microfibers have grouped together and become visible on the bag, you can scrape them off by hand and discard this in the garbage. This is typically useful for small loads that can be placed inside a bag.​ Shop here

Cora Washing Ball

The Cora Ball is an easy-to-use laundry ball that catches microfibers that shed off your clothing in the washing machine. The design of the ball was inspired by the way coral filters water in the ocean. All you have to do is toss the ball into your washing machine each time you wash your clothes. The stalks of the ball will then catch those tiny microfibers floating in the water. Once you see some microfibers accumulating in the Cora Ball, you can remove them by hand. Since the Cora Ball is tossed into the washing machine, it’s good for large items or loads made up entirely of synthetic fibers. Available from Azraq Online Shop


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