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The Art Of Clothing Design

In the world of fast fashion, clothing is really based on a “cookie cutter” approach with fabric being cut against standard patterns and sewed together with minor embellishments or colours to yield the latest fashion trend for the year. Avantgarde designers, on the other hand, push the envelope of design by creating elaborate pieces which change the silhouette of the body to convey their artistic concepts.

With the move towards sustainable fashion, a number of designers and fashion brands have started using organic or regenerated fabrics as a means to making their products more environment-friendly, however, the designs are still based on the same old cookie cutter approach.

The opportunity to reinvent clothing and truly change the way we consume clothing coupled with intelligent and purposeful fabric choices has a much larger role to play in driving sustainable fashion.

For the discerning consumer, clothing design is more about the fit and the feel of the clothes and how these will complement your activities in your busy lifestyle. Thoughtful design practices require us to think about more than just how the clothes look. These include:

  • Designing clothes that are multi-purpose and multi-modal – we are multi-faceted in our lifestyles and move between different activities which include gymming, swimming, going to work, shopping, taking the kids to activities, relaxing at home or going out. Why do we need a multitude of pieces for every activity?

  • Clothing that requires minimal effort in wash care – consider all the times you have spent separating laundry into different colours and ensuring specific ironing and dry-cleaning requirements are managed. The amount of water and resources wasted for each wash load can have a significant impact on the environment.

  • Layering – athleisure clothing is typically prone to design flaws due to lack of padding, support or being transparent. Consider the times you have had to pair your clothing with other pieces to provide structure to support you or to eliminate the transparency of the clothing. Additional clothing means more waste

  • Unisex Design - in a world of sharing, unisex design should be more widely applied. This has the potential to vastly transform the manufacturing, supply chain, and inventory management across the value chain as well optimise your wardrobe at home. Can we really afford to continue pushing gender-specific clothing?

The art of applying purposeful design is to drive a more practical approach to fashion and clothing which can drive a more sustainable future for fashion. We should be:

  • Using fabrics that are quick-drying, sweat-resistant, odour resistant that allows you to move confidently

  • Ensuring seamlines don’t restrict movement and ensuring effective cut and layering for maximum comfort and confidence

  • Matching fabrics that provide adequate muscle control and compression to hold you when moving

  • Ensuring the clothing is soft, comfortable, and breathable yet remaining opaque to the beholder

The Idō Movement prides itself on applying thoughtful design practices to ensure every piece is purposeful and complements your activities to make you feel confident, comfortable, and elegant whether you are working out or relaxing at home.

Items such as the Luis Shorts, a unisex, lightweight pinstripe shorts, which may look like any other designer shorts, comes with a number of design details that sets it apart from the rest. Not only is this item made from recycled plastic bottles (which drives the environmental resuscitation goals), it can also be used as swimming shorts or dressed up for a casual day out. The lightweight, stretchy, breathable and odor-resistant fabric is quick drying and never needs to be ironed (saving you more time when doing laundry). Design features include a button-up fly and side pockets to carry your essentials when on the move.

Another example would be the Lauren Skort, a lightweight shorts with an overlay detail that transforms the piece into an elegant skirt when viewed from the front. This skort is made from recycled plastic, reducing our environmental impact, and providing the necessary resilience to the material for long-lasting wear. The breathable and stretchy fabric makes this an ideal piece to wear to the gym or on a run and its natural properties of being odour and sweat resistant, ensure that you are always confident to push yourself the extra mile without having to worry about stains. With the side hidden zip detail, it makes it easy to wear or remove without hampering your movement.

It’s the design details that distinguish pieces that give you comfort and empower you to be confident throughout your day to take on any activity. Coupled with the conscious manufacturing process to use recycled or organic materials where applicable, the clothing you wear helps to contribute towards a more sustainable future.

The next time you select a piece of clothing, look for the details that will truly make a difference in your life.

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