Our Sustainability Manifesto

Fast fashion has had a detrimental impact on our ecosystem that is threatening the sustainability of our our future generations. From the billions of cubic meters of of water used to create these items, to the use of plastics which accounts for 35% percent of micro-plastics in our oceans, the waste generated makes this unsustainable.   Whilst a lot of major brands are taking small steps towards changes, we believe a ground up approach is necessary.

Coupled with the focus on dance and body movement, we strive towards developing a range of clothing and lifestyle products that not only serve function, but do so sustainably

The core pillar of our brand is to ensure sustainability. From the fabrics we choose, to the manufacturing process and the packaging, we take great care to ensure we minimize the impact on our planet. Our design ethos is also based on reducing our wardrobes by creating multi-use products that are also unisex.

Together we can all make a difference.

Minimalist Designs

 Optimised pattern designs to enable natural flow of the body but also designed to reduce fabric wastage

Considered Materials

Fit-for-purpose and made with organic or innovative, regenerated or creatively upcycled materials and natural dyes to reduce environmental impact.

Ethical Manufacturing

Select factories that guarantee fair wages and a good standard working conditions for workers.

Reducing Waste

Limited quantities of each product and style with no over-production as well as plastic-free packaging and reduced tags

Rejuvenating Our Environment 

Using recycled/regenerated materials, supporting marine conservation activities as well as providing seed tags to promote new growth

The Idō Movement Attributes